Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ginny Owens - If you want me too~

This song was sent to us by our friends Nick and Amber. We love it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Things you take for granted~

There are things in our life that we do everyday, little mundane things. Until you loose the ability to do these things you never fully grasps how amazing they actually were.

Some of the things I took for granted:

Walking, sounds corny but it is amazing how much talent it actually takes.

Running, I only started running last year and really started to appreciate it. I see runners now and it makes me sad sometimes I cry.

Getting dressed. Who knew buttons, zippers, bras were so difficult. Thank God for my husband or I would be going commando in track suits everyday.

Showering, fixing your hair, brushing your teeth, writing, typing. All things I never thought twice about, now I wish I would have appreciated them more.

One thing that still frustrates me is opening doors, jars, packages. My mind is willing my fingers to just turn the bloody lid and my fingers are acting like selfish little two year olds saying " I don't want too!" Man they are so naughty at times. I think a lot of the breakdowns I have had in front of Mike are always about a jar. Who would have thought.

I am staying mostly positive but I do get sad sometimes and when I get sad it is usually because of these things. When did car doors get so heavy? Everyday it seems I am faced with a new obstacle, some days I say to God "Enough already!" other days I say "Is that all you got!" I have had a bit of a "Why me" past couple of days. I know this will pass.

I'll be OK (:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cause for Celebration~

I have alot to blog about but haven't found the time. I will definitely get onto it this weekend. Until then I will leave you with an email my mom sent me, she gets daily inspirational emails and I really enjoyed this one.

Honoring Everyday Life~

We all know someone who keeps plastic covers on his or her couch in order to protect it. The irony is that many of these people may live their lives without ever having actually made contact with their own furniture! This is a poignant and somewhat humorous example of the human tendency to try to save things for special occasions, as if everyday life wasn’t special enough to warrant the use of nice things. Many of us have had the experience of never wearing a particular piece of clothing in order to keep it nice, only to have it go out of style in the meanwhile.

It’s interesting to think of what it would mean to us if we let ourselves wear our nicest clothes and eat off the good china on a daily basis. We might be sending ourselves the message that every day we are alive is a special day and a cause for celebration, and that we are worth it. There is something uplifting about treating ourselves to the finest of what we have. It is as if we rise to the occasion when we wear our best clothes and set the table beautifully, as if for a very special guest. We are more mindful of where we place things, what we are eating, and who is with us. Using the good china, eating in the dining room, and taking the plastic off the sofa might be an invitation to be more conscious of the beauty and grace inherent in our everyday lives.

If there are things you’ve stashed away for a special occasion—a bottle of special wine, a gorgeous pair of shoes, an antique lace tablecloth—consider taking them out of their hiding places and putting them to use tonight, just because you are alive now to enjoy them, and that’s a great cause for a celebration.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been so busy in the past week I haven't had time to get on here. I have started swimming again, my mother is so proud. For those of you that don't know I was a competitive swimmer for 11 years, it was such a huge part of my life and my identity for so long. I stopped swimming my junior year of college and have never really got back into it until this week.

I have to say my first day back in the pool was a bit depressing. I didn't know what to expect ability wise, so I aimed to do 1000 meters. When I started to swim I found I was focusing all my attention on my right arm (gympie) how she couldn't quite get all the way out of the water, she couldn't pull. I, to say the least, was getting very frustrated and feeling a bit down, it was one of the first times it really hit me that this is all happening. I was so used to swimming coming easy that it was a real shock to the system. Then I pulled my head out (as my husband would say) and said to myself "Why are you only focusing on what is not working? What about the things that are!" After that I thought wow, my left arm is still doing great, my kick is strong, and my breathing is the same as it always was. It's amazing how strong the mind is and how it can dictate our feelings. I am really working on the PMA (positive mental attitude) I am certain it will see us through this.

I went two more times this week, each time with my friend Richard who is hilarious and almost drowns me because I am laughing so hard and lose all control of my body. It was great to have someone there. I feel that I look ridiculous in the water, Richard assured me I looked normal so that was a relief.

I will definitely keep swimming, I am sure I will keep getting stronger. Thanks for all the love and support!