Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out at the Ranch

G'day folks, Mike here again.

Things are going well up here in Montana. Christmas is in the bag, Stacy enjoyed the familiarity of it and I enjoyed the exotic experience of a Christmas in the cold with snow on the ground.

Over the weekend we ventured out of town for 3 days to a cabin out in the wilderness. Stacy's college roommates - Liz, Kelly and Shannon made up the group of 5 who enjoyed the remoteness of Liz's mother Connie's ranch.

Check out the clips for a sense of the experience.

Lots of love from Stacy and I, we hope everyone is having a great holiday season.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Northern Adventure

G'day folks

Mike here on the blog.

Stacy and I are in Montana and doing well. Stacy is going to get on and write more soon. I'm just here with a brief update and a little video footage as well.

We are having a very good time over here. Lots of action in the 'visiting with family and friends' department.

We hope everyone is well.

Lots of love

Mike and Stacy