Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Northern Adventure

G'day folks

Mike here on the blog.

Stacy and I are in Montana and doing well. Stacy is going to get on and write more soon. I'm just here with a brief update and a little video footage as well.

We are having a very good time over here. Lots of action in the 'visiting with family and friends' department.

We hope everyone is well.

Lots of love

Mike and Stacy


  1. Stacy, we loved the first video, especially Mike's commentary! We weren't able to access the 2nd video, it said we needed to accept the senders' friends' request- not sure how to do that?? We want to see a pic of Mike IN the snow. We're all thinking of you and sending you Warm wishes from Florida (we still have the A/C on)... Ruth, Jimmy, JD, Jeff and Grama came over for a pre- Christmas Eve dinner. Wish you guys were here too! Next year...
    Love ya, Dawn and The Frey's

  2. Merry Christmas Stacy and Mike! Looks like it was a white one for you - not too bad over here, only 30 degrees or so. Love Tony, Gen & Bronte

  3. Yeah nice work Heally/Ross family.

    30 Degrees sounds pretty good. The old white Christmas was quite romantic, no doubt.