Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Canberra, and frisbee

Friends, family, followers. Hello.

I'm in Canberra.

So far it has been a really good move. The place looks great as you can see from the photo. I'm feeling very welcome here with Jonno and Hebs in their place, and also with the Canberra community. Physically welcome and socially welcome, it is a quality way to feel.

It's all fairly casual with a daily schedule that I can modify as I go. I'm filling up my time effectively though with a few good activities. Some gentle exploring and capitoline familiarising, a bit of highly exciting Roman tourist research for my upcoming trip, plenty of hound walking and hanging time, a healthy dose of board game/movie/dinner themed socialising, and a fat chunk of frisbee training, playing and travelling.

The World Games team is preparing aggressively and i'm loving being a part of it. Check this quick video out for a little sense of the action.


Also if you are a facebook type of character you should "like" the team page to follow on the happenings:


I've had some good time for reflecting and recording as well and i'm finding that process to be valuable as an emotionally helpful activity. I'm writing up a general reflection of internal experience type of thing every few days and that is all of a sudden 10 000 words long.

I've also been making an attempt to record the Stacy and Mike story. I'm still on day one and i'm 3000 words into that. It could be a long 12 years to write down. Yesterday I could pretty much picture the interior of the big yellow school bus as I looked back from the front seat across the group of staff we had just picked up to big haired, bright eyed, youthful Stacy. Sitting in the very back row singing The Joker by The Steve Miller Band with the whole bus rocking along.

It's fairly magnificent to spend some time back there in 2001 with the memories.

Some nice casual adventures to come, and some thumping intense frisbee work as well. I think i'm in the right place for now.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lack of

I'm off driving today.

There was a period this afternoon that was very peaceful. I haven't felt the touch of responsibility rest so lightly for a long time.

I was coming from nowhere and heading to nowhere. I did nothing yesterday and have nothing to do tomorrow.

My only task today was to keep the car on the road.

Nailed it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi folks

I'm home from Montana with tidings of a strange and snowy land.

It was a great trip back to my northern hemisphere home, here are some images.

                                          Snowing at house
                                          Moon, snow, atmosphere
                                          Big sky
                                          Debi's car, Dave's truck
                                          The road to Santa's workshop

Get the picture? 

It was a really good trip, lovely to spend some time with Stacy's extended family and friends. We all loved being together and feeling the same kind of feelings. It was hard to leave, and be left. 

Right now I'm back in Brisbane and it is beautiful. Man I do love it here. I'm feeling weird about not having a home though. I'm back in the parents house which is a great option and a very empathetic place to be. It does however have a strange time warp quality. Did the last decade really happen? I have some memories and yet here I am back in my teenage room. Strange, and a little disconcerting. 

I do have a plan though. On Wednesday this week Dad, the hounds and I are taking a road trip down to Canberra. I'm going to spend 6 weeks or so down there; writing, training for frisbee and sharing a pseudo-bachelor type of lifestyle with good old Jonno Holmes. It feels like a good move. 

After that I've got an international plan that will take me on this well worn path: 

Big Bear Lake (Maggie we are keen for a quick visit, 18th through 22nd July, Jonno and I, cool?)
Cali, Colombia 
Bogota, Colombia
Bozeman, Montana
Daytona Beach, Florida
Detroit??? Joey, it better be good mate
Southern California
Brisbane at the end of October

If you are in or around that track, or want to talk me into a detour then get at me, i'm pretty much just poking around and seeing what diffuses, from and to. A time of sharing and connecting, drifting and finding, being alone and then also not alone. 

I'll keep blogging it out from time to time. Also to follow some of the frisbee news get onto the site, 
http://aussiecrocs.net or follow the team on facebook 'Crocs 2013'.

Righto, love