Friday, October 23, 2009

Things you take for granted~

There are things in our life that we do everyday, little mundane things. Until you loose the ability to do these things you never fully grasps how amazing they actually were.

Some of the things I took for granted:

Walking, sounds corny but it is amazing how much talent it actually takes.

Running, I only started running last year and really started to appreciate it. I see runners now and it makes me sad sometimes I cry.

Getting dressed. Who knew buttons, zippers, bras were so difficult. Thank God for my husband or I would be going commando in track suits everyday.

Showering, fixing your hair, brushing your teeth, writing, typing. All things I never thought twice about, now I wish I would have appreciated them more.

One thing that still frustrates me is opening doors, jars, packages. My mind is willing my fingers to just turn the bloody lid and my fingers are acting like selfish little two year olds saying " I don't want too!" Man they are so naughty at times. I think a lot of the breakdowns I have had in front of Mike are always about a jar. Who would have thought.

I am staying mostly positive but I do get sad sometimes and when I get sad it is usually because of these things. When did car doors get so heavy? Everyday it seems I am faced with a new obstacle, some days I say to God "Enough already!" other days I say "Is that all you got!" I have had a bit of a "Why me" past couple of days. I know this will pass.

I'll be OK (:


  1. Stacy
    You don't have to be a tower of strength all the time for everyone. It's ok to cry - maybe that's why god made tears - to cleanse out our bad feelings. That's when you can draw on the stenght of your love ones around you. Is what's in the jar all that important anyway. Give Mike a hug and share a moment toghether.
    All my love

  2. Good point Aunt Betty (: Thanks for that.