Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I had a dream~

Last night I had a dream, it was the most amazing dream the kind of dream were you know your dreaming but it feels so real.  I was in a city somewhere waiting for Mike, in my dream I knew I had MND but when Mike arrived we decided to walk home even though I knew I couldn't. 

As we began to walk I noticed that Mike wasn't helping me.  I realized I was walking on my own, no limp, no foot drag, no assistance.  I couldn't believe it, the sensation of walking was exhilarating, I began to cry, then run, then skip.  I spent  the rest of my dream walking back and forth on this invisible street in my mind.

It was so real, I half expected to be able to walk when I woke up.

I hope I have this dream again.


  1. What a lovely dream of grace. Savour it well. love you

  2. When I got home from your house on Tuesday night, I said a prayer for you and Mike. Praying is something I don't do as often as I used to...
    The next day a complete stranger told me that Jesus loved me.
    I hope you have that dream again too.

  3. Sounds like God gave you what you needed at just the right time. Love you Stace.

  4. I hope and pray your dream comes true. What you and Mike have is so so very special. Some people live a lifetime and never experience the love you both have. Stacy you have touched so many people in your life. I think some of us don't understand why yet. But the miracle is yet to come. love you Lil