Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We made it!

After 25 hours on the 'road' from Brisbane through LA, Salt Lake City, Great falls we made it to Chili's restaurant, and found ourselves set up with margaritas and meals the size of our heads. U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A.

Thanks very much to everyone who has sent us best wishes for our travels, it was nice to know so many people were thinking of and praying for us.

Stacy travelled really well given the challenges involved. She even had to be shipped off like cargo on a 2 wheel trolley/dolly type number. If we had the face mask it would have been a sweet Hanibal Lecter moment.

We slept for almost 14 hours last night with a 4am wide awake hour in the middle. Today Stacy is getting around pretty well and we are happy with her energy levels. It is beautiful here in the Great Falls early summer. We are looking forward to quite a few long and lazy evenings on the freshly renovated back deck.

Elk burgers and Ceasars for dinner tonight - yeah.

Lots of love to our extended family.



  1. Hey guys
    I am really glad to hear you have made it. What a marathon. Some more crazy experiences to add to the list, by the sound of things.What amazing lives you guys have. Enjoy that beautiful part of the world and its unique catering options.
    love to you both

  2. Mmmmm Mmmmmassive MMMmmmargaritas .... sounds mmmmlicious. Glad to hear the traveling went well and you guys are well ensconced in the Montanan mountain life.

    Enjoy that deck ... I want to see photos!

    Love to you guys,


  3. Elk burgers! Has Papa Frey been hunting?
    Hope you enjoy it all soakin up the Margaritas.
    Hey the larry left and Ralph right has stuck even the kids are doing it now - tell Mom!
    Loads o love - Jane

  4. Hey pretty lady,

    I am glad you guys are getting your fill of the state's burgers and margaritas. Stacy, sent you an email today. Read when you have a chance. Miss you dearly.

  5. May we all add to the love going your way - I reckon you two are love magnets. And now all of Montana too. :) Susan, Alex, Leon, Silas, Mel, Pete and baby Hugh (who just started walking)xxxooo