Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bailing out, digging deep, shaping up, battling on, pushing through and getting it together

G'day out there in Stacy land.

I hope all is well with you at the moment.

This week we are in Reno, Nevada. Not surprised are you, well I guess we aren't either. As I write we are at the end of our 7th week here in Reno attending the Sierra Integrative Medical Center. We will complete this week of treatment and then decide how much of next week we will spend down here. Yesterday we thought it would only be a couple of days of next week however after today we may be looking at the whole week. The situation in regards to duration of treatment has been in flux for the last month or so.

Today was a rough day, however that isn't totally representative of our time here. Whilst the overall experience has been tough most of the days themselves haven't been overly challenging.

Stacy's physical condition:
Her blood seems to be much healthier, less immune hyperactivity, less dehydration and oxidative damage (related to chemicals in her body) to her red blood cells. Better liver function, however there is more improvement needed with this. Her allergic reactions seem to be much less active as well. Her recent vital capacity (lung function) test seemed to show that she is stable in this area - we will take stable, stable is just fine at the moment.

Her speech and total body motor control seem to be continuing to progress in line with the last 18 months. It is hard for us to assess this really well, however we feel like most movement tasks are harder now than they were when we left home in May.

Stacy's mental and emotional condition:
I'm just a young man with a less than extensive experience in the world. Stacy is by far the bravest and toughest nut that I have met. She finds herself in an intensely painful and scary situation and yet she is constantly trying to protect the rest of us around her from the pain and fear. She fights much of the mental and emotional battle by herself. Stacy has never been shy to ask for help and is keen to share the load of the experience however she is constantly aware of protecting others as well.

On Monday she encouraged me to buy a piece of pizza for a homeless man who she has seen wondering the streets of Reno. I was quite resistant to the idea though shyness or fear or something. I did however end up getting the pizza slice and drove over, found the man and gave him the dinner. He was very happy and appreciative. It really was a divine moment. Impossible to recapture through description, it was intensely emotional for both of us.

Stacy is still a wonderful person despite the arduous nature of your life at the moment.

The challenge is harder now than it ever has been. We will continue to face it every day. We are hopeful for the next few months.

Stacy loves you all and hopes you are all making the most of your days. Send her some love in the comments here or on facebook or however you normally keep in touch.

Lots of love



  1. Hi Stacy & Mike, you are both such inspirational young people and our thoughts and prayers are with you! Stay strong, hold on to your faith and keep smiling. Miss you at work beautiful girl and think of you every day! Love & Hugz Kerry & crew xxxx

  2. Hello Stacy and Mike, thinking of you both every day and sending love to you and all the other people there with you who are helping you battle on - thanks for the blog we really appreciate it. Love, light and peace, Susan

    Hi Stacy and Mike, may the beautiful butterfly of your life scamper carelessly in the warm evening breeze.
    Love always, Alex

  3. Hey Stace
    How cool having an uncle-in-law with a poetic turn of phrase. The picture is beautiful as are you.
    lots of love

  4. Stacy, now more than ever you are my hero. I know don't write often enough, but I am praying for you every day. That you and Mike can get through this together. You guys have inspired me to find the true love that you share. I wish you the best in you healing process and can't wait to see you again.
    Love Nathan

  5. 雖天地之大,萬物之多,而惟吾蜩翼之知。.......................................................

  6. I know I also speak for Henry, Andrew & Mel when I say, we at the shop are cheering you guys on. What an ordeal,'s heavy. But you guys hold on tight to each other and remain so encouraging - for all of us really. God continue to uphold you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you... we really do love you guys and miss you, come home soon. Lots love Brig

  7. We're thinking of you, amazed at you, send you prayers and love. You know we've got your back.
    Love Maggie and Fred

  8. HI Lover!!!
    Strange how such a drastic turn in your life can inspire so many people...and the even more amazing thing is that your life has been a constant inspiration to everyone from the first day that they meet you. When I think of what to say or what to write to you all I think about is my daughter, maybe because that is what is relavent to me right now, or maybe God has a divine way of mastering timing with our lives. Whatever it may be, i shall choose the God thing, I can only hope that I can share every bit of who you are with Cally in the hopes that she can find courage to try to become a woman like you. A woman full of faith, strength, perseverance, love, compassion, humility, integrity, humor, support, honor, honesty, care, and such a ridiculous sense of selflessness. You have not only changed and challeneged your friends to be better and get the most out of life, but you have impacted an upcoming generation of girls. You are leaving a legacy, one that I don't think is finished being written. I love you so much and hope my words this evening aren't just babble. My heart shines when I think of you and the big man upstairs and I talk about you every day. I will continue to pray with boldness for you and Mike every moment I think of you. *hugs and smooches!!* Brianna

  9. Sending you both love. All the best for the rest of the Reno stuff. Brisbane sends its best regards :-) xxx - Mol.

  10. Gosh you guys are amazing! Sending you lots of love!