Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Driving north, feeling lighter

I left Canberra on Wednesday last week. It was a great visit, a real sanctuary for me. I have significant feelings of gratitude to Jonno and the assembled Canberra community, new friends and old for their welcome and hospitality.

None the less it was time to move on, maybe even move up depending on your understanding of the world. Road trip.

Three days with overnight visits to the Delaney connection in Sydney and the Holmes connection in Coffs Harbour.

It was a good trip, these photos fail to do it justice:

Speaking of good trips the next one starts in less than 2 days time. LA, Miami, Colombia, Italy, Montana, Colorado, Florida, New York, Ontario, Michigan, California. Whoa.

This blog will probably be the best way to follow, maybe some Facebook.

To follow the team this site will be solid: http://aussiecrocs.net

To watch actual games you need to get on this now, today!: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/broadcast-of-ultimate-at-the-world-games-2013?c=home

Brisbane has been pretty excellent these last 4 days, I wonder if the world will live up to it?

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  1. Sorry to have missed you in Canberra Mike, we've been up north. Have a great trip yourself, and keep up the writing please. Your blog has been great to read through bad times and better times. The honesty is admirable. Go well.