Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mighty Montana

When I arrived in Montana I was ready for a rest, I didn't get one. After running around Colombia and Italy I was yearning for a home, a quiet place for a little while. What I got was a raucous wedding week.

Liz and Jeff's wedding was excellent and for me full of flower preparations, suit hunting, mountain climbing, memory sparking and wine drinking action. It really was a great time and i'm really glad I was able to spend some time with the bride and her attendants before the wedding. It was also an excellent college and high school reunion. I didn't attend the University of Norther Colorado, or Great Falls High however the people from both places feel like a home away from home to me, Go Bison!

After the wedding I found the nest I was craving by heading up to Great Falls to spend a couple of weeks with Dave and Debi and the rest of the GF community. It was a really good easy going time. I meet up with folks, organised my semi circumnavigation of the States, visited some memorable spots and explored some brand new corners of Montana.

I appreciate how familiar and comfortable my time in Great Falls was, I wanted a home and that is what I found over here.

I'm off now on the next section of the trip and leaving Great Falls feels like at step away from a home and the beginning of a journey home. I'll still be over here for five weeks, however it feels like i'm back on the road and that now i'll just follow my toes until I find myself back in Australia.

I remember when I booked this trip I wanted to make sure that it was long enough to begin to engender feelings of hope and enthusiasm at the idea of being back in Australia. I was afraid of being back home trying to live a life too early. I don't really know if that plan has been or will be effective however I know that i've had some great times and some sustained feelings of happiness over the last nine weeks.

I do feel optimistic about the future and about returning home in some ways. I think that internal journey can't help but be influenced by the external journey that i'm experiencing. I'm open to it taking me where it will, flowing smoothly, jolting aggressively, sharply changing direction or pushing against resistance. I don't have the fear and feeling of dislocation that I did in March and April anymore. I've never been short on positivity however I think that constant has been joined by an extremely comforting sense of optimism that is new and encouraging.

Travel on.

Here are some photos from my time in Montana. It was spectacular. Truly spectacular.


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  1. Another awesome post. So wonderful to hear of your feelings of sustained happiness and optimism, positivity and your external influencing the internal. Say hello to Debi and Dave for me xxx