Thursday, July 17, 2014

Developments, adventures, adventurous developments.

I'm going on a trip next week. In some ways I've been on one for months now. Canberra was probably never going to be a permanent home for me and it seems like that is the way it is going to turn out. 

On Wednesday I'm flying over to Europe to play frisbee for a couple of weeks. There are some details here if anyone is interested: I'm playing with a team called Colony, we will be good. 

After that there is a six week Euro trip planned. Italy, Sweden, Iceland, France, some mountains and then Germany. I'll follow that up with a stop off in the US on the way home. I think it will be pretty great. I'm going to write about it, and if any of that seems interesting I'll find a way to share it. 

Coming home will be a development as well. The new plan is to head up to Sydney for the medium term. That might be alright, we'll see. 

Canberra has been a really great place to spend the last six months. I've grown very fond of the city and despite its fairly aggressive detractors I think it has lots of positive aspects. I took this photo when I arrived at work a couple of weeks ago. I don't think it captured what I was experiencing at the time, however I'll give you a look and a description and you can decide. 

This place has atmosphere and hidden intensity. It is cosy and available to explore and understand. This requires some wriggling, and maybe some searching though. Beneath the veil that obscures many of its attributes from initial inspection, Canberra is can be a very nice, and very beautiful place to be. I'll miss it in some ways. 

For now though, adventure! 


  1. We might cross paths in the USA. I'll be over there 9 Sept - 6 Nov, visiting both coasts.