Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aisa Adventure

So last week at this time I had just returned home from a trip to Asia. Ohhhhhh how different a week can be. I had such a great time! I met up with my best friend Liz in Bangkok and then we did a week bike trip from Bangkok to Angkor Wat in Cambodia with a company called SpiceRoads.

Check out the trip we did here:

This is the first bike holiday I have ever done and am really glad I did it however it most likely will also be the last. Something about a sore butt, getting up early, and physical exertion just doesn't scream Vacation.

I saw some amazing sites, got chased by wild dogs, explored spectacular ruins, biked over 300km's, had two snake experiences- one in our room, ate a silk worm, saved a child from drowning, had a ton of massages, spent an entire week lying on a beach while drinking Pinacoladas, laughed everyday, saw a ladyboy show and had an all around good time.

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  1. We all know you and Liz don't know how to have a holiday that doesn't involve some self inflicted pain and an increased level of personal danger.

    Glad your back baby.