Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a month~

About 3 weeks ago I got a call from Brad who is the husband of Tawnya, my best friend since high school. Mike and I are the God-Parents to Audrey, their soon to be daughter. Because we live so far away I didn’t really get to be a part of Tawn’s pregnancy. I really wanted to see her pregnant, but it just didn’t seem like that was a possibility until Brad offered to fly me home to surprise Tawn at her baby shower. I couldn’t believe his generosity and of course accepted his offer.

I flew into Montana on a Saturday night and the baby shower was on Sunday afternoon. It was the best surprise ever!! I have a video of it that I will post once it is downloaded. I was only home for a whirlwind week, but it was so worth it. I was able to spend time with my family as well as help Tawnya with some preparations for the baby. It was a very special time and cannot thank Brad enough.

Fast forward to this weekend, on October 28, 2009 Audrey Rae Gilchrist was born!! I was sooo excited! Mom and baby are doing great. Then on November 1, 2009 my friend Lynsey who was due November 21st gave birth to her daughter Tavia Lili Gayton! I cannot believe both my girls came in the same week! I am so happy for both of them and thank God for their safe delivery.

Oh man Mike and I have had a huge weekend! I will post all about it very soon.

Stay tuned~

I thought I would leave you with a little preview. First picture is Tavia Lili and second is Audrey Rae. Soo cute!

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