Monday, November 16, 2009

What a weekend~

Mike and I have so much to be thankful for! We are surrounded by people who love,support and comfort us. In the past three weeks we have had a fundraiser every weekend all put on by our friends.

This past Friday night my Starlight family threw Mike and I an All American trivia night. There were about 11 teams and it was so well organised, thanks Loz and Tash! Everyone had to dress in an American theme. My team was "Double Wide" we went as trailer trash.  Not only did they raise us heaps of cash but it was such a fun and entertaining night, we had a blast!  We can't thank everyone enough.

Mike and I have been overwhelmed by everyones generosity, we are continually reminded how great humans can be to each other.

On Saturday we went over to our friend Margie and Mike's house for lunch.  They live about 20 minutes outside of the city in what seems like a forest paradise.  Margie made an amazing lunch and we had a lovely time exploring their property.

On Sunday I met up with my friend Sim for coffee, then my mother-in-law came over to help us clean our house.  What a lovely lady!  We then went over to our friend Gabby's for a swim.

What a great weekend, busy but great.

FYI- I don't smoke, nor do I recommend it for pregnant women.  I do however recommend hot dogs.


  1. Stacy, you've been so amazingly clever at keeping your origins secret from those naive Ozzies. Why did you finally have to blow it at this stage in the game?

  2. I'm happy you have such an amazing, supportive and fun group of friends over there. Just awesome...xoxo.