Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moving and quality messages

In the last week we have received some excellent email and facebook messages. Thank you very much to those folks who have poured their thoughts and feelings out to us. It has been very touching, tears on the couch on more than one occasion this week. Thanks.

Now enough of that we need some boxes moved.

We just got the word today that we can get the keys this Saturday for our new pad. We are very excited.

So we have the Outdoor Living fleet scrambled and ready for Sunday morning. What we need now are bodies and brains.

If you are available we would appreciate your help on Sunday morning. The plan is to meet at our house - 15 Crawford St, Ashgrove at 10am. Load up the trucks and head over to the new pad. we might fire up some lunch/afternoon tea after that and then go ahead enjoy our life.

Give me the heads up if you are planning on getting involved. 0413 419 274,

Cheers folks



  1. Thrilled to hear about the new place. Looking forward to a few pics!

    Love you guys.

  2. For us out of towners can you give us an address so we can send you a house warming card?

    Happy moving day. :>]