Sunday, October 10, 2010

More pesky angels

Stacy and I went and watched a movie this week. Stacy enjoyed the Eat, Pray, Love novel when she read it a couple of years ago. As the movie is now available to be enjoyed in living colour we decided to check it out.

As we cruised out of the theater into a bustling Friday night we ran into our mates Stu and Maylin. Stu was talking in a jolly English accent and gnawing on a big fat US burger, May was weathering the wet conditions with expected grace and charm, despite having a hand dipping into a large and incharge bowl of chips.

Stu looked relieved that it wasn't him exiting Eat, Pray, Love and I don't think he'll be heading out to get the book after we finished talking about it.We hit the road and Maylin hit the chips.

The next afternoon Mr and Mrs Neild Senior were over and we were all dusting and tidying our little hearts out. It was a very productive afternoon, yeah, cleaning! Mid way through the afternoon Dad came back in from a run to the bin with a special delivery package.

The 'Eat' part was on Stu and May last night. What a great Saturday afternoon gift.

We are so loved and supported by all our friends, and the kindness that comes flowing our way is really important to our continued healthy state of mind.

Its impossible for us to record all the beautiful moments of consideration that we experience however every now and then its great to celebrate publicly.

Thanks for everything you give to us folks.

Mike and Stacy


  1. The 'eat' part of the movie was the best - (although close ups of Julia Roberts eating spaghetti bolognaise wasn't the most fascinating thing - very brave of her) and it sounds like it was the best part of your Saturday too. Love the new wallpaper :>}

  2. Glad you survived the movie Mike ... ;)

    Aren't random bin-drop-offs-that-turn-into-baskets-of-goodness great!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys next week.

  3. YAY for pesky angels!! SO glad there are angels on your side xo xo