Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Sky 10s

A special day in the sun for our friends and family - the 2010 incarnation of the best fund raising Frisbee tournament this side of the Big Sky state herself. Big Sky 10s.

The shade tent by field 3 where Stacy spent much of the day hanging out with friends and occasionally checking out some Frisbee action.

It was excellent to spend the day with all my Frisbee mates, including the 20 or so friends who traveled up from Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne to play on the day.


There was plenty of great action on the fields during the day. Thankfully the good guys won and Stacy's All Stars kept hold of the Big Sky trophy.

The event was another sensational success on many different levels. Stacy and I feel so appreciative of the wonderful community that we are surrounded by. Particular mention needs to go to the masterminds of the event, Sandra, Gen, Tony and Mat. 

I know I'm not able to capture the day appropriately through words, so I'm hopeful some photos from my good friend Hannah will be great for those who couldn't make it.

A day to remember. Thank you to everyone who contributed.


  1. Hey Stace!
    Sounds like a great day out u guys had.
    I just caught up on yr blog- eat pray love was a great movie! It made me want to eat so much bad food ha ha.
    Anyway lots of love, hugs and kisses
    Nic and Simon

  2. Looks like a smashing success and lots of loving for you and Stacy! Thinking of you all of the time. Prayers from G-Funk! ;)