Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello out there.

Ummm, so its been a while and there has been a lot going on.

- Christmas
- Liz in town
- House drama
- A New Hope
- Return of the Dave

- We had the Neild family Christmas over at our place this year. Charolais' head chef Stacy got some big plans for the menu for the day and the resident sous chef struggled to enact the vision.
Some success. It was a enjoyable Christmas at home this year.

- For a few weeks in January child super star and close friend of Stacy, Liz White squeezed us into her global book signing tour schedule. She visited during a period of near constant rain and we all had a very nice time.

Liz spent a lot of time investigating various Australian treatment options for Stacy and we watched a bunch of movies. We may have also eaten a lot of fancy breakfasts. We love Liz and it was great to have her here. There were plenty of tears and smiles, its the usual way with Stacy and Liz.

This is the best photo possible during December and January in Brisbane.

So here is a photo of Stacy and Liz that always makes me giggle a little.

- In February the people who own the house we rent, and love, needed to sell it. Yikes!
This was not a good thing for us as we are really feeling very comfortable here and the house hunting process is particularly arduous for us given our specific criteria. For two weeks there was some serious scrambling going on with various ideas proposed and pursued.

The outcome is that our parents and our good friends purchased the house and we are now going to rent it from them. Outrageous! A spectacular solution that seems to leave everyone involved in a advantageous position. Yeah family.

- We are doing something new from a medical perspective. Liz came across a new avenue to pursue during her investigation of Lyme disease in Australia. We have been working in conjunction with a doctor on the Sunshine Coast to pursue the this new option.
I think this probably requires a whole post of its own so stand by for that one. If you want to do some general reading then these are some options.

I'll add a lay version of all this soon, honest.

- The big Dog, the man of the mountain, Dave Frey Senior is in town and living the dream. He has spent plenty of time in the kitchen, plenty of time in the garden and plenty of time making Stacy laugh. We've been loving it and feel very blessed that Dave is able to stay for a couple of months.

So that is some of the big stuff that has been happening over the last few months. Sorry for the lack of posting. I haven't wanted to write as a lot of the time my frame of mind hasn't been at positive as I want it to be.

Things are very hard for us at the moment. Getting through our days is hard and getting harder. Stacy's condition is progressing and she is experiencing fairly consistent pain and discomfort.

Its been really great to start working on this new medical idea. Despite the fact that it is challenging Stacy's body and generating some of her discomfort the fact that we are doing something is providing some emotional buoyancy.

Righto, i'll write more frequently. We love you.

Mike and Stacy


  1. Great to hear from you guys!!! We've been waiting and praying to hear any glimpse of positive news! We're sooo glad Super Dave is there with you and wish we could be there too! We'll wait patiently for the next blog with updates and keep a cold pitcher of Margaritas waiting for when you in Florida!!

    Love You Sooo Much, The Florida Frey's

  2. Thanks so much for the update - Dave, it was great to meet you at the 7's tourney: I am so glad you are there for Mike and Stace. Looking forward to hearing of the new treatment and fingers crossed.
    The Healy Ross's

  3. It's great to hear from you guys! Fantastic news that you are looking at a new treatment option! Am thinking of you everyday! Wishing you lots of happiness and laughter!

    Love Carly xx

  4. So, who knew that Michael Neild could pull off a baked ham with such style. Could have something to do with the coaching from Stacy I suspect.

  5. Hey Hey :) Love you too! What amazing news and a sense of relief for your home. Photos are lovely, especially the one of Bris in Dec/Jan, summed up my experience as well! Your new medical ideas look really interesting - I understood some of it but I'm waiting for a more complete translation from the MBerry. Love to you and big big hugs!!

    p.s its totally cool to feel rubbish and not as positive as you'd like, your only married to a super hero (Captain Courageous) hehe - I think your both troopers and am sending some serious love vibes xo xo

  6. Family & friends = Awesome. Most make this journey a whole lot easier with the great support network that you guys have around you.

  7. Hi Stacy and Mike
    It is a long time since I have seen you at St Mary's although I know you were there once when I had gone to another Mass. We do receive and love the regular updates that come in.
    Many from St Mary's think of you both and send energy and prayers for the ongoing journey.
    Wish there was more we could do.Very open to suggestions.
    Narelle Mullins

  8. I found your blog looking up info about Sierra Integrative Medical Center. I have Lyme. Did you get diagnosed with Lyme? ALS is often Lyme misdiagnosed- same symptoms. Email me