Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Here is the deal with seriously difficult situations, they can test your ability to cope and your confidence in your competency. The opportunity that exists with a difficult situation is that if you can hold fast and find a way to make it through there is a significant benefit for confidence building available.

For me every difficult day that we get through makes me feel a little more confident that next time things become challenging we'll be able to handle it. These days the next difficult day is pretty much guaranteed to be tomorrow. The lesson of persistence and survival has been well learned by Stacy and I.

This week has been pretty difficult. Six hours after I posted that last update Stacy woke up with a really high temperature and another respiratory infection. It was not a good morning. We are however fairly well prepared now and with an early start on antibiotics and quick additional medical interventions it seems like we will be able to kill the bug quickly this time. The real difficulty is Stacy's respiration is really labored and intermittently blocked by mucous. Stacy describes it as terrifying.

I've said this before, and i imaginge i will again, it's been the most tiring few days. Really tough. The good news is I'm totally confident that no mater how difficult it gets we'll be able to manage it. That is the beauty of a difficult situation.

Hey thanks for the massive response from last week's update. I'm glad so many people were happy to hear some news, hopefully I'll be able to keep some info coming.



  1. Thinking of you both as always. So great to get the update. L. Kay

  2. I have never met either of you, but you are in my prayers daily. I continue to be amazed at your strength, courage, optimism, and faith. You are serving as an inspiration to so many and I firmly believe that yours is a story that needs to be told and re-told in order to inspire and encourage others. You will both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  3. Hey Mike and Stacy, it's Peter Hegedus here. I've been away form church and also away from Australia so I am back now and keen to see you guys. I have just read the updates and I am inspired and well how to say this: deeply touched in all sorts of ways. Words can't describe it. Mike, you reckon Stacy would want to see the St Mary's movie? witg love Peter