Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Long nights

As of the last update Stacy had just contracted another upper respiratory infection. After a couple of experiences with this already we have a good idea how to deal with it and within four days it was brought under control. Also this time Stacy was not as hard hit during the infection and was able to continue eating and drinking small amounts in the days fallowing that first really high temperature.

Whist the initial infection symptoms are scary and uncomfortable the lasting affects are the major concern. Stacy's respiration, swallowing and ability to clear mucous are all further impaired following this infection.

Currently there seems to be flem and mucous sitting in Stacy's throat and upper respiratory tract that make her feel like she is perminantly teetering on the edge of chocking. This means that we are kind of on full time chock watch as at any point Stacy may need to quickly sit up and get help to clear her throat. 

It's a pretty scary situation for Stacy as she can't really make noise When she does need help so she doesn't feel comfortable without eyes on her all the time. Fortunately I don't have much on my agenda at the moment, and looking at Stacy has always been one of my preferred activities.

The last two nights have been challenging as Stacy has had to spend long periods of time sitting up trying to clear mucous from her airway in order to feel comfortable enough to drink. This is hard on her as holding her head up while sitting up is really tiring. We haven't be able to get to sleep until deep into the a.m. the last few nights and fluids have been all she is capable of getting down.

It's a rough period however the hope is that with time she will be able to clear her airway more and feel comfortable enough to get some more substantial nutrients happening.

Thanks for all the communication from the community recently, I'm into it. 

Love from us and feel free to do something Stacy would do today, I've always found it to be worth it.


  1. Thanks for the updates, Mike. I've never had the privilege of meeting you, but Stacy is in my thoughts all the time, and it's good to hear how you are both doing. Strength to you both.

  2. Thank you for putting everything in perspective. Love and hugs to both of you. Today and every day I'm going to make the most of it. I think that's something Stacy would do.

  3. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Is there a site where I can donate or is there any other way to help?

  4. Guys you sound like your having a rough time, sleep depredations tough but not as tough as you two! Have I spelt tough right or is there a "t" in there some where? I'm glad I teach tying knots n stuff as I'd be a rubbish English teacher.....and maths......sience too!! Now I have to say, I loved seeing you two over the Christmas hols, I keep thinking of it and I smile. All those great photos, chillin like old times and those gorgeous pups, good times man, I learnt alot about love watching you two and try every day to love my wife Becci as much as you guys love one another, so thanks for that, you two are so devoted and I love that x peace out my gangstas x Andy x

  5. Thanks for all the updates. We really appreciate you taking the time to keep us a part of what's going on. We're thinking of you guys. Scott & Lauren

  6. Stacy and Mike, you are a wonderful example of shining love. We would all do well to strive to achieve such a level of love - courageous, powerful and true. Praying for you both and sending love and hugs, daily.