Friday, March 1, 2013


Hey I'm loving getting Stacy's blog going again, it's nice to feel more connected to you all out there. Regardless of whether you live 10 minutes away or deep in the other hemisphere we haven't been able to spend time with you recently and as limited as it is this weblog is reinvigorating our connections to some degree. Thanks for all the engagement and uplifting responses folks.

It terms of Stacy's health it's been a hard week with her ability to eat and drink heavily impeded. Stacy didn't really have any spare weight to loose and with so little going in calorie wise it feels fairly grim over here at the moment.

As a result of both how hard Stacy is finding it and due to the difficulty on connection Debi has decided that she is going to fly back down to be with Stacy, Dave and I. In one sense this is an easy decision, however it is quite complicated for Debi to extract herself.

For those who don't know Deb was with us here twice during the second half of 2012 and has only been back in Great Falls for five weeks or so after spending an unexpected three months here over the summer. It is not easy for her to leave the house, her jobs, Ottis and the reasonable list of tasks yet to be resolved to return back to Brisbane on such short notice. This trip was not in the plan and while it feels like it has to be done it is another difficult task for a mom in a horribly difficult situation.

If you have ever booked an international flight at short notice it can be pretty steep, fortunately we have the ever generous Joe Eve and his frequent flyer connections on the case. This is a bit rich as Stacy and I have received so much support from our communities (Aussie Frisbee, The Starlight family, and Team Stacy in Great Falls) and their fundraising efforts. I had the thought that if anybody had a spare dollar you could send it Debi's way as it would back the stress off a little when organizing her last minute trip. PayPal at is the way forward I guess.

It's all about connections you lot, thanks for the community love and support.


  1. From Grandma Einie Frey to Mike, Debi, Stephanie, Dave, Julie, Chris and family:

    My heart is so broken to know our beautiful, amazing angel, Stacy, has passed away from all of us who loved her so! It is difficult to think about the pain and suffering she has endured these past years. Thank you so much Mike for caring and loving my sweet grandaughter. The love in Stacy's heart shimmered in her eyes and put a smile on the face of all who were lucky enough to share even a moment with her.

    Stacy's God given gift of being able to open the hearts of everyone she met allowed her to excel in her hospitality. Her unforgettable smile, the giving of herself with all she had to offer and her generous, loving heart were the tools she had. She could walk into any room and lighten it up with her bubbly personality. Stacy followed her faith in God in the Catholic Church of St. Falls and Brisbane. The caring pastors of both churches who emailed her family with support in her final days were greatly appreciated.

    I will always cherish the memory of the good times we shared at her "sorority" house at Colorado State College.

    From Grandma Enie Frey