Sunday, March 31, 2013

Turns out it was a great idea

Bring a Memory, Take a Memory was yesterday.

It was a really good day. Thank you to everyone who came and shared, and also to everyone who couldn't be there and sent something through. Lots of great memories and it felt good to spend some time remembering Stacy at her cheeky best.

Leesa took some photos which i'm confident will give to a sense of the day. Also Jennine's story seemed to resonate with people, enjoy below.

I'm definitely still collecting memories from people (i'm looking at you North America) so if you feel inclined please put something together and get it to me at some point. It feels like there is a story in there worth editing together.

Lots of love yesterday, it was good. Lots more love to come as well.


Stacy gets naked... by Jennine Birrell

When I moved to Australia, Stacy was one of the first people to become a very loyal client to my hairdressing services. She was always keen to let me try new things, help me push boundaries with her cuts and colors and even helped me out with some modeling. The gorgeous girl that she was, had no problems slotting into the role, as you can see in these photos from one of our first shoots. 

Iʼve been told about share houses and swim teams, (of which Stacy was a part of both) in terms of how comfortable people become with their bodies. But never did I expect ʻcertain behavioursʼ to enter my life via Stacy. One day Stacy had asked me for a fringe trim after we (Mike, Stacy, Harry and myself) were hanging out at their apartment in Ashgrove. No big deal, just a quick snip in the bathroom and her haircut would last a few extra weeks. A service I was more than happy to extend to my great friend. Well... Stacy went ahead of me to get ready as Mike and I went through my options of kitchen scissors. 

Much to my surprise, when I turned the corner to the bathroom, there was Stacy waiting completely topless smiling away as she waited for her much needed fringe trim.
I canʼt say whether the scream came from the prude little hairdressor inside me or just out of pure shock but the following conversation took place:

Jennine: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (giggles)”
Stacy: “What? What
ʼs wrong..hee hee”
Jennine: “ Stacy, I don
ʼt do naked haircuts” 
Stacy: “What, come on I donʼt want to get hair on my shirt, here, Iʼll hold my boobs like this...” Jennine: “ No! hee hee, youʼre still naked!” 
Stacy: “Come on, Iʼm the one whoʼs naked...”
Mike: (from the other room)“Stacy....put a shirt on...”

So, as I mentioned, Stacy helped me ʻpush boundariesʼ.... Iʼve never done another naked haircut since.

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