Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Funeral details

Hi folks.

Great work on the memories so far, she was wonderful wasn't she?

Here is the plan for the next couple of days.

Thursday Evening.
We will have a viewing at 5:30pm at Alex Gow Funerals.
56 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead Q 4006

This will be an informal affair with no real structure or presentations. We are all just going to gather and spend some time together and people can choose to visit with Stacy's body which will be in an open coffin. Dave, Debi and I will be there from 5:30pm and we'll hang around until people are done. It might be a nice time to visit as Friday could be busy.

Friday Morning.
The funeral service will be at 11am at St. Williams Catholic Church.
67 Dawson Parade, Keperra QLD 4054

It might be worth coming at little early as it could be busy finding a parking spot in the area. The mass will take about an hour or so. We will have a reception following the service at the same site.

Looking forward to seeing you.




  1. Thanks Mike! Hoping to make it but if not so happy to know you will be surrounded by loving family & friends.


  2. Mike. I know it has been a long time we have connected but I wanted to send this message to you. A long time ago you, and particularly Stacy, made us feel so comfortable at the old St Mary's with my niece Jillian who has intellectual disablilty. People around us at mass could not understand her behaviour at times. Stavy made the effort every time and Jilly loved her! Each tme she saw her at mass she was always so loving. Jilly is a big girl of 12 now but it's peple like Stacy that mad all the difference to her life - especially when others didn't! Her mmemory is always wih us. Peace and all good always. MIchael O'Brien

  3. I'm so sorry to miss the viewing Mike, I really want to be there. I will see you Friday though. xoxox

  4. Would love to be there with you, but you and Debs and Dave and Steph will be in my thoughts. Love love. kells

  5. I will try to make it to the interment here in the States if that will even be a possibility. I think it's only appropriate I pay my respects as well. It will certainly be the last time I ever get to see Stacy, even if she is no longer living and will be cremated by that time. I would prefer to be there when she is finally "sent on her way."

    - Jonathan

  6. Yes, she was a wonderful beautiful person! I will always cherish the time when I worked with her at the Mater Children's Hospital Starlight play group. She loved to help people. Our thoughts are with you Mike. All the best.

    Alex, Brooke and Taylor

  7. I'm praying for you all, Mike. My thoughts will be with you during the services!

  8. From Grandma Einie Frey to Mike, Debi, Stephanie, Dave, Julie, Chris and family:

    My heart is so broken to know our beautiful, amazing angel, Stacy, has passed away from all of us who loved her so! It is difficult to think about the pain and suffering she has endured these past years. Thank you so much Mike for caring and loving my sweet grandaughter. The love in Stacy's heart shimmered in her eyes and put a smile on the face of all who were lucky enough to share even a moment with her.

    Stacy's God given gift of being able to open the hearts of everyone she met allowed her to excel in her hospitality. Her unforgettable smile, the giving of herself with all she had to offer and her generous, loving heart were the tools she had. She could walk into any room and lighten it up with her bubbly personality. Stacy followed her faith in God in the Catholic Church of St. Falls and Brisbane. The caring pastors of both churches who emailed her family with support in her final days were greatly appreciated.

    I will always cherish the memory of the good times we shared at her "sorority" house at Colorado State College.

    From Grandma Enie Frey