Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bring a memory, Take a memory

Bring a memory, take a memory - a celebration in Brisbane (those outside of Brissy read below)

We all love Stacy and we all have at least one special memory of our time with her. Those memories are wonderful and often unique and I think it would be nice to take a moment to share our own little slice of Stacy with others who love her.
This is one chance to do so.

Bring a memory, Take a memory is an afternoon celebration of our beloved Stacy. It should be a great opportunity for all of Stacy’s little worlds to come together and share a different side of our favourite Montanan import. I hope everyone will leave a little richer and with a feeling that they know a little more about our special girl.

Here is how it will work:

Bring a memory.
You need to take a moment during the next two weeks to think about and write down a memory/s from your time with Stacy. This could be quite brief or even a full page worth if you get fired up, it really just needs to cast a little light on a time that was memorable to you. It should include an approximate date, some kind of location and your name.

Some people have already done something like this for the Facebook page “Stacy’s Stories”, this could be worth a look for inspiration.

Next you just come to our house on Saturday and spend some time with Stacy’s community. It will be a relaxed open house vibe and people are welcome to come and go when they can. We will pin up the memories for people to read, share some treats and remember Stacy in our own joyful way.

Take a memory.
You may be aware that Stacy was a prolific collector of fashion and decoration. She loved to get new things, and she loved to move them on again in an almost ruthless and efficient manner.

Stacy loved the idea of her friends enjoying her pre-loved possessions and giving them a second life. Guests on Saturday are encouraged to take away not only a few new stories, but also an item of Stacy’s collection as a memory of their own.

It should be a great fun day and I really hope that everyone who comes will leave with an expanded understand of Stacy and her antics, and maybe even a faux fur vest.  

If you are reading from interstate or in another country somewhere there are a few points of relevance for you here: 

I'd love to collect memories from more people than just those at the celebration next weekend. I've got a few plans in mind for the collection and it would be excellent to gather Stacy themed memories from a wide range of people. If you want to email them to me at michael.neild@gmail.com that would be excellent. 

My plan for the year is taking some shape and a significant component of that will be spending some time travelling around the place (USA, Colombia? Italy?). I'd like to spend some quality time with Stacy's close friends and family to swap stories, collect some memories and maybe share an item or two. 

Additionally Debi is planning a Summer time "cook out" at the house in Great Falls with a similar type of memory sharing theme. More to come on that later on. 

So the message is please let me know and come to Bring a memory, Take a memory next weekend, and if you can't then get working on a special memory of your time with Stacy and get that too me sometime so we can all share in the collective memory of our lovely Stacy. 


    Sign me up.

  2. Absolutely PERFECT ideas to celebrate Stacy!!!!!