Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moreton Weekend

Our philosophy at the moment is "Carpe Diem" seize the day!(I suggest everyone should try to incorporate that into their everyday life) So when our friends Matt and Sandra invited us to go camping/hard core 4WDriving with them on Moreton Island Mike and I jumped at the chance.

The weekend was beautiful! It consisted of a little of this:

Watching a couple of these while drinking my virgin mojito's.

A bit of this:

Snorkeling through here:

Hanging out with this muffin:

And just enjoying all that was around us.

I only had a few MND reminders through the weekend. Fell over a few times, generally more funny then frustrating. Had a couple sad moments with Mike when realising our futures are going to be a bit different then we imagined. But mostly it was just an amazing trip with some fantastic friends in a beautiful environment. Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Well, this explains why I didn't hear from you this weekend. :-) Sounds like you both had a blast and enjoyed the company of friends and nature. Keep up the adventures Stace!!!

  2. My question is....what the hell is Mike wearing? Is he trying out for the Charlie Brown show?

    Hahaha good thing he is a good looking lad.


    Love you guys

  3. Good point Liz. Stacy, you might have to hire a consultant for that man's wardrobe ... I mean who wears Sammy C-K label clothing in two consecutive blog posts.

    I hope you are appreciating the irony of me handing out fashion advice. Having said that, Keah does have a nice one piece c.1987 German ski suit that I borrow for the occasional fancy dress party/Rockband session. But I digress.

    Looks like the island weekend was good fun.

  4. Controversy raging at our house. Sunrise or sunset? Maps have been consulted... And did that giant shark eat anyone?
    The other Neilds

  5. As I sit here in Melbourne all rugged up, feeling a little envious of all that fun in the sun. Perhaps you could send us a little sun warmed sand

  6. If only I lived in a place as cool and trend relevant as Brooklyn NY then maybe I would have avoided all the embarrassment I caused the fashion conscious folk of Moreton Island with my red/shirt blue short charlie brown number. Bugger.

    Other Neilds, the Ryan-Poon Neild camp site was on the west side of the island allowing the westerly vista showcasing the rare and spectacular sight for us East coasters of the sun setting into the ocean.