Monday, June 14, 2010

Time for an update

G'day folks.

Its Sunday evening after 2 and a half weeks here in Reno. It has been a pretty nice weekend. Unlike last Saturday this week Stacy woke up feeling pretty good and refreshed. We have had a couple of nice relaxing days enjoying the excellent weather, eating out and resting up. Stacy has punched a 2 top quality afternoon naps, we think they are pretty important for her to catch up on the week of treatment action.

At noon today the T Ray, Junior Klein, the sweetest young lady ever to come out of Great Falls high Tawnya Gilchrist arrived in town. Tawnya is Stacy's great mate from back in the school days as is going to stay with us for a week and help ease the experience for us all.

We are excited to have Tawnya in town for the next week.

Last week was a tiring week. We ramped up the treatment intensity which was hard on Stacy's body due to the induced fever reaction that she experienced nightly. We are still waiting for some test results to come back however we are getting into the rhythm of the treatment and expect a similar week this week. We still feel like there is value in the treatment and are hopeful that after we have survived our time here that Stacy's body will be able to do some healing on its own free from toxins, pathogens and whatever else is disrupting her cells.

Thanks for all the love and care that has been sent our way.

Best wishes, Stacy and Mike

 "Now get out there and make a difference"


  1. Stacy - you are looking amazing. So glad you have had a couple of quieter days. Thinking of you guys as always, G&T&B

  2. Hey-ya guys,

    Great to hear the update and see some photos. Is that a Budweiser neon light behind you girls in that photo?? Mmmm Bud. These "induced fever reactions" don't sound like too much fun, but it is really great to hear that you are getting some positives out of the treatment there in Reno.

    Good to hear Mike is looking after you Stace :) Don't let him beat himself up too much about his frisbee exploits, it's mainly just the altitude. And Bud.

    Talk soon,

    Jonno and Keah.

  3. So pleased your getting a well deserved break - much love to you and the Team Stacy - Miss you Ese. Jane

  4. What a special time that Tawnya got to spend with all of you. And you're right. She's the sweetest girl ever. She's so darn sweet that when she called to give me an update and I asked her why she was whispering, she said she was sitting in the bathroom so she wouldn't wake anybody up!