Saturday, June 5, 2010

Treatment - Day 7

G'day friends, family, fans and followers.

It is Friday evening, the end of a week and the end of our 7th day of treatment at the SIMC in Reno. Overall we are going good, we've got one brave girl on our hands here people.

The first few days of our treatment focused on detoxification of Stacy's body, with extra attention on her liver. It was also a time of testing - blood, excretions and lung function.
Some results from this time are:
-Stacy's Liver is not able to keep up with its filtering job, so her red blood cells and her plasma have accumulated various imperfections.
-She has some small tube like bacteria in her blood called spirochetes. These are linked to a range of diseases - fire up google if you are keen.
-Her immune system is not functioning effectively. In some aspects it is not reacting to destroy antigens as it should, and in other situation it is hyper sensitive to some antigens and is over reacting and wearing itself out creating a response.

-There are still tests out for parasites, viruses and diseases.
-Her vital capacity (functional lung volume) is at the same level as it was a month ago.

The second phase of the treatment started yesterday and it is full on. At the end of each day of getting IV treatments, pro neural system and anti virus injections Stacy is given an injection of something that is designed to reset her immune system. It generates an intense fever that so far (2 nights) has only spiked as high as 102 degrees F, however we are only at Level 1 of 10.

It is a pretty rough ride. It takes about 45mins from the time of injection to start and then it starts quick. So far it has been characterised by 45mins of extreme cold feelings coupled with body stiffness and shakes that rattle her teeth. Then it fires up a fever for about 2 hours that leaves her exhausted and sore. In the morning she is very stiff and moving is harder and more painful than usual. It is called the Push and most of the patients here get it. Stacy will have it everyday while she is here. At this stage we expect she will have 25 pushes over the next 4 and a half weeks.

Now Stacy has never delivered a child however I get the sense it might sound something like the moans, groans and snapped instructions that we have heard over the last couple of evenings.

The Push coupled with a range of detoxification techniques are designed to kill bacteria and infections, and reset her immune system so that it can find and recognise the cause of her MND symptoms and correct the problem.

That is the plan at the moment and time will tell how effective it is for Stacy. Similar plans seem to be very effective for other people here.

Other stuff:

Check out this excellent effort regarding the Great Falls fund raiser over at Cindy's blog.
Love your work Cindy, well done.

Some of Stacy's close mates are coming down one at a time to do some nursing. This is good, we've worked out that we can use one extra set of hands when it is one of Stacy's intimates who can get in on all the gritty aspects of our current situation. We are looking forward to visits from these girls.

As I said overall we are going good. We feel like we are doing something, and that something will be good for Stacy's body. Thanks for all the love.

Mike and Stacy


  1. Thanks for the update Mikey. Stay strong - it sounds like someone up there is testing how far you guys are willing to go - how bad you want this... And it sounds like you are kicking butt, right when so many others would just give up.
    Kisses, hugs, cuddles and love zooming across the ocean to you both - plentiful as ever x x Leila

  2. Stacy and Mike - thank you for the update - 25 times (at least) is harder than child birth I know. so proud of how hard you are fighting - love t g & b

  3. I'm speechless. The treatment sounds so intense, brave sounds so inadequate for what she's enduring. The fight for a better chance is worth all the effort . Stacy you are such a remarkable girl - so wish I could come and help you. sniff . Mike please hug her tight for me. Janexoxo

  4. WOW. I've been getting updates from Tawnya and knew it's been tough, but this description put it into a whole new light. Look up BRAVERY in my dictionary and there's a beautiful photo of Stacy.