Friday, June 25, 2010

WTF - What The Fong.

That's What The 'Dr.' Fong for all of you who aren't in Reno with us.

This afternoon Debi was on a roll talking about when Stacy's cure from MND sets the neurological world on fire and she goes on to write a book about her experiences and then this book gets picked up by Hollywood and made into a feature film. Just quietly I think Debi liked Julia Roberts as a candidate to play her.

Stacy and I carried this on and were talking about who would play all the parts in the movie of her fight with Motor Neuron Disease - Gambling in Reno, a high stakes medical adventure. The highlight of this is when we decided that the guy who plays the Asian gang boss type guy in 'The Hangover' would be best suited to play the head doctor here at the Medical Centre, Dr. Bruce Fong DO, HMD. WTF

What the Fong?!

I'm proud of us for still having a great time and laughing about something everyday. We have had some hard days over the last year and a half, this week included however I don't think there has been a full day in which Stacy and I haven't been able to laugh together. Plenty of half days like that but maybe not any full days. We are blessed by that.

Righto so here is what is going on. Stacy's blood test for Lyme disease came back last week and it was positive. This means that there is a bacteria infecting Stacy's cells that is very hard to kill and causes lots of problems. Many people at this clinic have Lyme disease. This clinic seems to have worked out a way to kill Lyme disease, we think they will do that for Stacy. This could be extremely good.

Other things that have been identified are that she has some heavy metals in her body and a range of food and environmental allergies. The clinic also has a long history of successfully dealing with these issues.

Her treatment at the moment continues to involve daily detox IVs at the clinic, plenty of oral supplements, a battery of subcutaneous and inter-muscular medicine injections delivered both at the clinic and by Dr. Neild at home. She is also continuing with 'the push' which is the nightly injection of medicine that induces some kind of major immune system reaction characterised by shivers and shakes, muscle tightness and intense ache and a fever. She also intermittently during the week does some massage, some lymphatic drainage therapy and some liver cleanse theory.

There is a new therapy on the horizon which they call neural therapy. This involves a series of acupuncture style (along meridian lines) injections of medicine into her lower back and legs. This is designed to open up the energy pathways for her legs and improve the ability of her nerves to synapse. It will involved around 100 subcutaneous injections during the session.

The treatment continues to be hard work physically, emotionally and mentally. I've been working harder this week at being excited about the therapy rather than being skeptical of the therapy, its been good.

The theory that we are working with is that by dealing with all the imbalances that are present in Stacy's body - dissfuctional liver, hyperactive allergic reactions, confused immune system, heavy metals and Lyme disease - she will be in a good state of general health. Once all these blocks to healthy function are removed then her body will be given its best chance to holt or reverse the degeneration that she has experienced over the last 16 months.

Currently we haven't seen any signs of that reverse yet. We do believe that this clinic will be able to successfully deal with everything they have found. The Fonger hopes to see some clinical (functional) change before we leave in the next couple of weeks. We think that we are in the right place for this to happen.

Tawnya has gone home to Great Falls. Shannon one of Stacy's college room mates, bridesmaids and general sister from another mister has come and gone. The presence of these intimate friends has been excellent. Thanks girls, nice work.

Sorry that you have to put up with me writing instead of Stacy. She is still firing along with wonderful moments of Stacyness (caring for and encouraging the other patients at the clinic, achieving and verbalising moments of uplifting perspective, humorously negotiating and disarming the potentially embarrassing, uncomfortable and disheartening aspects of her daily life and making the people around her feel as though they are uniquely special and worthwhile) she just doesn't have the emotional energy available to write them up on this blog.

Lots of love to you all. Keep it coming right back over.

Mike and Stacy


  1. Hello Mike and Stacy...I am a friend of Cindy Cieluch's. I feel like I know the both of you through her and I am touched by your story. I know that life is such a crazy roller coaster these days for you. I was diagnosed last year with an auto immune disease as well. Whenever I talk to Cindy about Stacy, I am always reading out of an awesome book to her to see what she thinks. I thought it was time to share it with you guys. Maybe it will be great, and maybe not, but it will be a great read nonetheless. And I hope it will make you both feel like you have more control in the healing process rather than waiting for someone or something else to fix her. Know that a not-so-stranger, stranger is thinking of you and I FULLY believe that Stacy can heal her life. Keep laughing together and living each day as much as you can in this very moment! Love, Kathy

  2. I guess I have to actually share the book:) lol
    You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

  3. Hi Mike and Stacy,

    I have just arrived home from St Mary's where Nicola handed out your blog address and advised everyone of the Lymes disease. We are all keeping you in our prayers, conversation and thoughts.

    I have never really chatted to you face to face, but Ben and I were at the Roma St walk with little Maddie who won the dog prize. We would love to catch up when you arrive home.

    Glenn Conley.

  4. Who would play you though Mike? Arnie? Stallone?

  5. WTF? Only you and Stacy would come up with this! I laughed and cried my way through this post as I pictured the crazy Asian gangsta from The Hangover as your doctor. You are extremely brave and strong to be going through everything you are going through: treatments, diets, injections. Stay strong, smiling and know that we are all sending you prayers every night before we go to sleep.

    P.S. I vote Hugh Jackman for Mike.

  6. My vote is for Zac Efron, I'm pushing for it to be a musical.


  7. We are thinking of you both and know to well the good and bad days MND can put into our lives. It's the smiles and laughter that pulls you through. Love Sue and Malcolm